Itechpoint, Inc. is a start-up online media company with a big mission. Itechpoint has been launched to harness the power of information technology and explore expanding horizons of internet. The world is increasingly dependent on the internet for information. As a result millions of web sites mushroom everyday to cater to the needs of the internet users. In this crowded web space only some stand out As the world is more dependent on the internet it needs better content, tools, technologies, services from the web sites. The goal of Itechpoint is to develop high class web sites in numerous verticals that will help consumers, travelers, students, professionals, homemakers and more. Itechpoint will strive to develop web sites with cutting edge technologies providing superior content. We will constantly develop new tools for convenient online experience.

Itechpoint has launched sites in Technology, Travel, News, Food ,Entertainment, Jobs, Bargain shopping areas. Some of these sites have gained immense popularity in many parts of the world. Itechpoint is in the process of penetrating into more areas. - Inc© 2007-2008.